Saturday, 23 May 2015


If you're looking for our current challenge of Vintage which runs until June 14th - you will find it here.  Have you done your piece yet and want to link it?  Will you be taking part this month?  Looking for further inspiration? - read on

But if you're reading this and wondering who the ....  .is that daft woman in the picture - well let me introduce myself - Linda Page - and I have been invited to become the blog administrator for this blog challenge - a task I shall take great pleasure in!   I have added a link to my personal blog on the design team page of this blog.

If you are lucky enough to live near Crafts 4 U 2 Do - the bricks and mortar home of Sweet Lilac flowers then you may know me as a regular demonstrator for Crafters Companion.

I may pop up from time to time with inspirational posts from myself but I wanted to also let you know that I have added another gallery to the sidebar of the blog featuring further pieces from our design team - these are not necessarily following any particular theme just pieces that they have created using Sweet Lilac Flowers and that they have been kind enough to share with you all.  Hopefully I will be adding further pictures as time progresses.  

I am looking forward to seeing all your fabulous makes.

Bye for now

Linda xxxx

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  1. Good to have you onboard the